Qiaare Qiaare 27 January

New Admins needed

Hello all,

We have a few great users contributing to the wiki for Zoo 2 Animal Park, but I think the time has come for us to request new admins. In the past there have been a few admins for this wiki, but they have all been inactive for a long time. We don't have much vandalism or spam luckily, but when it occurs, we currently need to rely on the SOAP team to help clean it up.

I would like to be able to clean it up myself. I still report users who keep vandalising of course, but by becoming admin I can at least delete pages that serve no function on this wiki.

As per the instruction of becoming an admin (https://community.fandom.com/wiki/Adoption:Requests), I am writing this blogpost and giving the community a chance to react to my wish to ad…

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Syllae Syllae 28 November 2018

Intermediate's guide to Zoo 2:Animal Park

Welcome back fellow zoo managers!

As promised, here is the follow up of the Beginner’s guide . In here we will talk about the levels 13 to 22. During those levels, your neighbor will be quite a handful, but it will turn out well.

Some quests will ask you to place specific gems items, so if you don’t want to spend gems keep them in your inventory if you happen to get them before the quest is unlocked. Those items are:

  • Steppe water place (2)
  • White iron fences (14)
  • Rose arch (1)
  • Steppe gaming hill (1)
  • Jungle gaming trunks (1)
  • Savanna acacias (2)
  • Savanna trough (1)
  • Blue bench (1)

During this phase, you should be able to get your 2nd zoo title, and we will finally have to spend some gems.

Now, getting through the quests:

  • Level 13: Get your giant pandas and the …

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Syllae Syllae 8 November 2018

Beginner's guide to Zoo 2:Animal Park

Welcome fellow zoo managers!

I’m Sylae, zoo manager for 45 levels now, and I thought I would share with you some tips and advice about how to manage your zoo from level 1 to level 12.

A few words first about Zoo 2:Animal Park. The game is about building a zoo (no surprise here), and for that you’ll need pathways, pens and animals. That’s the core of your zoo. And although animals and pens can be gained through rewards or events, the main ways to collect them are with currencies and cards. Pathways need also currencies. In order to build your zoo, you’ll then need lots of currencies (coins and gems) and lots of cards:

  • Coins: Coins are gained thanks to the doorway and the stores, so to get lots of coins you’ll need lots of visitors. Visitors co…

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