The characters in Zoo 2: Animal Park are:

  • Anthony, a worker at the zoo.
  • Dr. Dolores Byrd, or Dolly, a local government veterinarian and Florentina's elder sister.
  • Victoria, baroness and a friend of your great-aunt Josephine.
  • Erik, a visitor of the zoo.
  • Florentina May, a teacher, Dr. Byrd younger sister and John's college friend
  • Gavin, a gardener
  • Gilbert Grump, a farmer and your neighbor.
  • Grandpa Willy, your... well... Grandpa.
  • Jenkins, Clubhouse Manager
  • John, a relative.
  • Josephine, your great-aunt who passed away and left the zoo to you and Grandpa to take over.
  • Lucy, a zookeeper
  • The Mayor of the town were your zoo is located.
  • Millie, one of the kids
  • Stella, a photographer who frequents your zoo.
  • Vicky, a visitor
  • Yuri Wolkow, a polar researcher.
  • Sylvia Summer, the mayor of Fir Grove.

Zoo 2 has a sale event for many of the birthdays of various characters. Below is a list in chronological order of birthdays and promotions on those days.

Birthday Person Promotion
Jan 17 Grump 25% off zoo expansions
Feb 06 Mayor 30% off stores and shelter upgrades
Mar 11 Elizabeth Get 500% exp bonus while caring for Peafowl
Apr 03 Lucy 30% off enclosures and enclosure items
May 22 Anthony 30% off paths, trash bins, boarders, and zoo expansions
Jun 12 Vicky 30% of shops and shop upgrades
Jul 24 Grandpa Get 100% exp bonus for caring for animals
Aug 27 John Get 150% exp bonus for caring for savanna animals
Sep 19 Stella 30% of enclosure and enclosure items
Sep 25 Gavin 40% off flowers, trees, and bushes
Nov 13 Erik Get 150% exp bonus while caring for Arctic Fox, Alpaca, Panther, Raccoon, and Aardvark
Nov 20 Dr. Byrd 100% chance at triplets, +100% exp for breeding

Please note that birthday promotions are a relatively new phenomena. The assumptions is that the same promotions will be run on the birthdays of the characters each year, but this is not a certainty.

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