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Collections is a feature added on the 16th of October, 2019. It can be accessed from the visitor center (collection button), so buying it is required to use collections. Players have to be at least level 17 to start collections.

The collector's album gives a reward for each completed set. The collections are divided in 3 pages depending on difficulty, from 1 star collections to 3 stars collections. To complete a set, players have to breed certain animals to reach a high enough animal level.

Note 1: the required level should be considered a minimum and not an absolute value (i.e. a level 3 chimpanzee is a valid animal to complete the silver fox set).

Note 2: the required animals have to be placed in enclosures, keeping them in inventory will not validate the set.

Note 3: the animal has to be the specific coat displayed. If a black and white rabbit is needed, a brown and white rabbit will not count towards it.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet with an overview of all the animals needed for collections, how many times and the max level needed: Collections Overview

1 star collections[]

Collection Image Set to complete
Silver Fox
Piebald Peafowl
Black & White Rabbit
Blonde Kodiak Bear
Brown Panda
White Crocodile
Pink Hippopotamus
Jaguar (Panther)

2 stars collections[]

Collection Image Set to complete
White Moose
White Zebra
Speckled Alpaca
White Wild Dog
White-Nosed Coati
White Sulphur-Crested


Summer Arctic Fox
Black Swan
White Mandarin Duck

3 stars collections[]

Collection Image Set to complete
White Reindeer
  • Level 2 Reindeer
  • Level 2 Snow Leopard
  • Ice Swan (decoration)
  • Beautiful Christmas Tree (decoration)
  • Nutcracker Sculpture (decoration)
  • Poinsettia (decoration)
  • Santa Sculpture (decoration)
  • Christmas Sleigh (decoration)
  • Snowman (decoration)

Harlequin Rabbit

  • Rabbit statue
  • Goat statue
  • Horse Statue
  • Sheep statue
  • Great Panda statue
Maned Wolf
White Gorilla
Black Gibbon
White Lion
White Tiger
Maned Wolf 2
American Badger
American Badger 2
Spotted Kiwi
Douc 2
Amazonian Manatee
Amazonian Manatee VC.jpg