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Here will be listed all events happening in Zoo 2: Animal Park. Select the event you're interested in to access its page!

Types of Events[edit | edit source]

There are three type of events in Zoo 2: Animal Park:

Sale Events[edit | edit source]

During a Sale Event, certain items will be offered at a discount price, for example Shelter upgrades might be 25% off, or Land Expansion might be 50% off. Some events might offer previous "bonus animals" that aren't normally for sale. Sale events are listed in italics in the calendar below.

Club Events[edit | edit source]

By completing fundraising tasks in the clubhouse, club events can be triggered :

Event name Bonus Duration
+5% Exp Bonus +5% exp for cleaning+5% exp for playing

+5% exp for for feeding

2 days

Special Events[edit | edit source]

Special events are a bit more involved than sale events. During these events special decorations themed for the event will be available for purchase. During the Special Event these decorations will generate an Event Currency, which can be used to buy Special Event animals, decorations, or Rare Chests. Past Special Events are listed in bold below in the calendar.

Special Event Shop[edit | edit source]

During the special event a shop will be "opened" where you can redeem your special currency for exclusive items. Players can also exchange gems for more special event currency in this shop if it's needed. The Special Event Shop will be accessible through an icon on the left of the screen where other special offers are shown along with open quests.

Special Event Currency[edit | edit source]

Special event currency works in a similar manner to watering plants. After a set period of time the currency is available to collect and won't start working on new currency until the available items are collected. (Note that unlike stores you can NOT collect from a partially full producer. Players can only collect when it's full.) A timer for each themed decoration will be display counting down to when it's ready for collection.

When you sell the decoration and buy it again, the timer will have been reset. Meaning you can collect the event currency again from that decoration. This method is commonly called "The buy and sell method". Meaning you buy decoration, collect the event currency and sell the decoration. Then you buy it again, collect again ans sell again, repeat until you run out of coins or have achieved your goals. This method does require a lot of coins, but is a great way to ensure you get both animals and other things you want from the event shop.

Special Event Currency is not retained after the event ends. Any unspent special event currency disappears after the event. It is not converted to coins or gems.

Special Event Timeline[edit | edit source]

Typically a special event will last for three weeks. The first two weeks are deemed the Collection Period where the themed decorations will generate the special currency. After this the third week is deemed the Redemption Period. During this week players are allowed to spend their special currency but the themed decorations will not generate any new currency.

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