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Rare chests (purple) can be bought for 29 gems but some are regularly given for free:

Rarer cards (very rare animals) are more likely to show up than in normal chest, and they contain chest exclusive animal cards.

Chest possible content[edit | edit source]

This section is under construction, to list every possible drops from rare chests and their probability of appearing.

 Cards[edit | edit source]

All friend chests cards can also be found in normal chests. See the Friend Chest page for chest content. Additionally, rare chests may contain animal cards and cards of zoo decorations.

Zoo decorations[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity
Ice lantern card.JPG
Ice Lantern Rare

Animals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity
Bengal Tiger Rare Chest.jpg
Bengal Tiger Legendary
Penguin card.JPG
Emperor Penguin Legendary
Gorilla card.JPG
Gorilla Legendary
Harpy Eagle Legendary
Lar Gibbon Rare Chest.jpg
Lar Gibbon Legendary
Pronghorn Rare Chest.jpg
Pronghorn Legendary
Snowy owl card.JPG
Snowy Owl Legendary
Tapîr card.JPG
Tapir Legendary
Rhino card.JPG
White Rhinoceros Legendary
Alpaca card.JPG
Alpaca Epic
Armadillo card.JPG
Armadillo Epic
King Eider Rare Chest.jpg
King Eider Epic
Lion card.JPG
Lion Epic
Jaguarundi Rare Chest.jpg
Jaguarundi Epic
Ocelot card.JPG
Ocelot Epic
Red panda card.JPG
Red Panda Epic
Macaw card.JPG
Scarlet Macaw Epic
Wolf card.JPG
Wolf Epic
Pig card.JPG
Domestic Pig Rare
Wild boar card.JPG
Wild Boar Rare
Zebra card.JPG
Zebra Rare
Peafowl card.JPG
Peafowl Common

Items[edit | edit source]

Rare chests frequently contain items, mainly decorations but also stores or enclosure utilities.

Enclosure decorations[edit | edit source]

Enclosure utilities[edit | edit source]

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity
Ice wall.JPG
Ice Wall Rare

Drop bonus[edit | edit source]

Cards of a unique animal receive an active bonus to be found in the chests. Any animal shown as currently boosted is guaranteed to be in any chest opened (though it is not guaranteed you will find it with the 4 free cards). Currently the boosted animal switches every 6 weeks and stays boosted for 6 weeks.

Animal Start End
Red River Hog 04/15/2021 05/27/2021
Pronghorn 03/04/2021 04/15/2021
Lar Gibbon 01/21/2021 03/04/2021
Mountain Gorilla 12/10/2020 01/21/2021
King Eider 10/29/2020 12/10/2020
Bengal Tiger 09/17/2020 10/29/2020
Lar Gibbon 08/06/2020 09/17/2020
Mountain Gorilla 06/25/2020 08/06/2020
Bengal Tiger 05/14/2020 06/25/2020
Lar Gibbon 04/02/2020 05/14/2020
Mountain Gorilla 02/20/2020 04/02/2020
Bengal Tiger 01/09/2020 02/20/2020
Lar Gibbon 11/05/2019 01/09/2020
Mountain Gorilla 09/24/2019 11/05/2019
Bengal Tiger 07/29/2019 09/24/2019
Lar Gibbon 06/21/2019 07/29/2019
Mountain Gorilla 05/08/2019 06/21/2019
Bengal Tiger 03/15/2019 05/08/2019
Lar Gibbon 11/30/2018 03/15/2019
Mountain Gorilla ? 11/30/2018
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